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President Wendy Sawyers

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Wendy Sawyers

President Wendy Sawyers

became the 29th President
of the Club
on 01 July 2013


I am the 29th President of our Inner Wheel Club (2013/14). This website gives me a chance to introduce myself and for you to see what we have been doing during my year.

I was brought up in Eastbourne (with my four sisters and a brother) where my parents owned a hotel. It was a small family hotel and we all had to help – we children probably resented it sometimes, but we had a very happy life and met many lovely people. Eastbourne was a wonderful safe town to grow up in and I still love going for a walk along the promenade and smelling the sea.

I was educated at Eastbourne High School for Girls and consider myself very lucky. After A level I went to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London to do a music degree and to study singing and piano. This was followed by a post graduate course at London University to get a teaching qualification. Of the twenty of us on that course I was the only one who chose to teach at primary school level – although qualified to teach to A level, I wanted to pass on a love of music to younger children who are just like sponges, soaking up whatever is offered! In all the schools where I taught I was responsible for music throughout the school as well as having my own class. I also taught piano and singing privately at home.

When growing up our family social life centred around our Methodist Church where I sang in the choir from the age of ten. I also sang in the Eastbourne Girls' Choir and the Eastbourne Oratorio Choir.

Roger and I married in 1967 – we had known each other through family connections since we were about fourteen! Roger is a Chartered Surveyor and was working in London, so we halved his travelling time by moving to Haywards Heath in 1968 – a move we have never regretted.

Our social life widened considerably when we came to Haywards Heath and Roger joined Round Table. We thoroughly enjoyed this, plus the service “work” that we did through Round Table and Ladies Circle for me.

We have two sons and five grandchildren who all live near us, so we are able to see quite a lot of them which is a great delight. Family life is at the centre of our lives.

There is, however, one other huge part of life which is my music making. Over the years I have done some professional singing, directed and sung in a rather special small 4-part mixed group (The Martlet Singers), directed the Noel Singers, and I am responsible for the music at Haywards Heath Methodist Church where I conduct the choir and orchestra. I also now direct the District Inner Wheel Choir. You can tell that I cannot live without music, especially singing and conducting!

Roger joined Rotary when he retired in 2001 (up to then he did too much travelling to make the necessary commitment) – and I quickly became involved in Inner Wheel.

We are now well on in my year of office and I have been very slow at updating our Club information – and for this I apologise.

What I can assure you is that I am thoroughly enjoying my year of office. We have continued our regular commitments with the Autumn Club in Lindfield and responded to other social needs as they occur. Our big events for the year have been our tea parties which we held in aid of Lupus UK (my national charity) and a fashion show by Elegance when we raised funds for West Sussex Young Carers (my local charity).

I am delighted to report that we have recruited four new members during the year and we can therefore look to the next year with enthusiasm and assurance.

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The President's Charity: Lupus UK

Presentation to Lupus

(left) President Wendy Sawyers presenting a cheque to Professor Graham Hughes, Life President of Lupus UK. This charity is one of the two principal charities supported by Cuckfield & Inner Wheel this year, the other one being West Sussex Young Carers. The donation to Lupus UK at the moment is £600 but it is hoped some more cash will be available at the end of the year.

Graham Hughes was a consultant at St Thomas's Hospital who led research into Lupus and associated conditions over many years thereby bringing the disease to the attention of his colleagues and raising awareness of the symptoms and their treatment. Lupus UK is a relatively small charity helping sufferers from the disease and funding research.

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What is Inner Wheel?

Inner Wheel was founded in support of Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland during the 1920’s. Inner Wheel became international in 1967 and now has clubs in 98 countries. Membership is open to female relatives of all Rotarians who wish to get to know one another and work together in friendship and understanding. Belonging to Inner Wheel gives members the opportunity to share friendships in Clubs and Districts in Great Britain and Ireland and throughout the world.

The Inner Wheel Badge is a symbol of international understanding, friendship and service.

Objectives of Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel concentrates on friendship and personal service. Each Club selects its own charities and channels of service, though raising money is not the main objective of Inner Wheel.

The objectives are:

To promote true friendship
To encourage the ideals of personal service
To foster international understanding

A member may visit another Inner Wheel club whether it be in her own District, country or overseas, and is always assured of a warm welcome. One of the greatest joys of Inner Wheel is the opportunity given to members the world over to learn to know one another and to exchange ideas.

The Inner Wheel movement came into being on 10 January 1924, when Mrs Oliver Golding presided over a club formed from Rotarians' wives in Manchester. By 1934 there were 79 Inner Wheel clubs and they united to form the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland.
The movement extended overseas and the International Inner Wheel was set up in 1967.
The Aims and Objects of Inner Wheel are to promote true friendship, to encourage the ideals of personal service, and to foster international understanding.

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Held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.0 for 7.15 p.m.
at Lindfield Golf Club, Lindfield. Telephone 01444 484467

To Beth Reed by the Sunday prior to the meeting.
Telephone 01825 790402

For hire of Glasses & China
Sally Dew on 01444 414456
or Valerie Clapp on 01444 410650

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