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Novi Sad exchange | Matching Grant Nepal

OVERSEAS the Club has given support in particular to the Marie Stopes Clinic at Bangalore and the Calcutta Eye project in India, the Lumasi Hospital at Gahini, Rwanda, the Heartbeat Rumania appeal, the Hope & Homes for Children project, the Grafton Orphanage in Sierra Leone, the charity Impact and the Kosovo relief fund.

Almost every year other donations are made for immediate local relief wherever disasters occur. In addition, members have over the years filled many emergency boxes, shelter boxes and aquaboxes for use in devastated areas abroad, and they have supplied Scout Starter boxes for the benefit of the Russian Scout movement.

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The first international exchange visit with another club took place in September 1985 when a group of Cuckfield & Lindfield members and wives visited the Rotary Club of Laval Ambroise Paré in Mayenne, France. Since then there has been an exchange visit one way or the other with the French club every year up to 2004. There were also exchange visits with the Rotary Club of Drôme Nord in the Rhône Valley (1985—87).

Following the twinning of the village of Cuckfield with the German town of Karlstadt in Franconia (Bavaria), a group of Cuckfield & Lindfield members and wives visited the Rotary Club of Karlstadt-Arnstein in October 1998 and subsequent exchange visits have taken place annually since then. These exchanges are still taking place and from time to time excursions are made to major centres such as Nuremberg and Berlin.

Although hardly overseas, another series of club visits has been exchanged with the Rotary Club of Endon—Stockton Brook in Staffordshire (1993—96).

Group Study Exchange

Club members have led teams from District 1250 on three exchange visits overseas. Jon Martin led a team to District 4510 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in April 1994, and Alan Hancock led a team to District 6670 in Ohio, USA, in May 1999. In March 2003, John Davey led a team to District 9500 in South Australia.
see John Davey's report

Laval Ambroise Paré Banner

The Laval Ambroise Paré
club banner


1994: Lunch in the troglodyte cave Déjeuner Fouasse

Banner of Karlstadt-Arnstein

The Karlstadt-Arnstein club banner

1994 GSE Team

Jon Martin and his 1994 GSE team to Brazil

Col Mark Cook at the Bent Arms

1997: Col Mark Cook receives from President David Brann
the Club's donation to the Hope & Homes for Children appeal

Club's first exchange visit to Novi Sad

Arising from Alan Dearden's various business visits to the former republic of Yugoslavia and his contacts with Rotarians from the Novi Sad club, members of the Cuckfield & Lindfield club and wives made the first exchange visit to Novi Sad in June 2003. Novi Sad members paid a return visit to Cuckfield & Lindfield in 2005.

Novi Sad is a major city in Serbia, standing on the Danube. The Rotary club was formed in 1995 and has about 40 members. The picture on the right shows President-elect David Wilson responding to the warm welcome given to the Cuckfield & Lindfield party by the Novi Sad president at the club's ladies' evening.

Club banner David Wilson addresses Novi Sad

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Matching Grant Project Team in Nepal

Charumati club membersCharumatid club members

Shown above, Officers & members of the Rotary Club of Charumati (left) President N K Rrai, Nephil Matangi Maskay, IPP Ashwini, AG Siba, Jacky Buk, Sheela Rana, Bhuban, Secretary Bhanu and Sergeant at Arms Narayan (right) Nephil Matangi Maskay, Jacky Buk, President N.K. Rai (sitting down), Sheela Rana and Bhuban Bajra Bajracharya

Nepal Project 2008

A joint matching grant project to install a micro hydro-electric unit, a solar panel and a biodigester unit for two schools together with a medical centre and associated refurbishments in Gurje (20 miles north of Kathmandu), was submitted to Rotary Foundation. The contribution of the two Clubs was $3,967 each, and the project total was $23,811. The difference of $5,880 was to be made up of District grants and $9,897 from Rotary Foundation. The project was to be be managed locally by the Rotary Club of Charumati who set up a joint management team with Umbrella Organisation Nepal to run the operations.

In November 2009 Alan Hancock, Mike Kirk and David Wilson (HK) visited the $23,000 project – funded by the Rotary Clubs of Cuckfield & Lindfield (England), Karlstadt–Arnstein (Germany) and Charumati (Kathmandu) to check on progress and give support to the local people.

More on the year 2009 page

David Wilson takes a handThe plaque tells the storyInternational meeting

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