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President Richard Hands

The Rotary Club of
Cuckfield & Lindfield

President Roger Sawyers

Highlights from the

Year 2008

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President's Christmas Drinks 2007

Yes, you're on the right page and there's nothing wrong with that headline.

President Richard Hands delayed his Christmas hospitality until the first week in January and it was nice after all the hectic activity of December to get together for this convivial occasion once the New Year festivities were over as well. This time the event was held in the Age Concern room at Clair Hall.

Chris Kinnear

Burns Night

The Burns Supper every 25 January is an institution of Scottish life and for some reason seems to be regarded with a degree of significance in the Rotary Club of Cuckfield & Lindfield, sometimes anyway. This year, not on 25 January but on the 29th, the Club's meeting was described in advance as Burns Night with a Difference.

Jimmy Robb attacks the haggis

Apart from the haggis and all that stuff, important elements of the occasion include a prayer to usher in the meal with a reading of The Selkirk Grace (also known as 'Burns's Grace at Kirkcudbright') and the toast 'To a Haggis', following which a glass is raised and all present shout: "The Haggis!"

Leading protagonists in the event at the Bent Arms this year are, in no order of importance, Chris Kinnear, Jimmy Robb and Bernard Jarvis. It is believed a good time was had by all.

Bernard Jarvis

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January competition winners

Youth Speaks 2008

The Club organised the first round of the 2008 competition, held at Oathall Community College Haywards Heath on 24 January. A record 12 teams took part. Winners through to the next round were Great Walstead School (Intermerdiate, pictured left) and Ardingly Junior School (Senior).

John Davey adjudicates

John Davey chaired the judges

John SimpsonIntermediate winners

John Simpson (left) chaired the competition
and Richard Hands (right) gave the presidential view

Richard Hands

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Matching Grant Project Team in India

Charumati club members

Shown left, Officers & members of the Rotary Club of Charumati (left) President N K Rrai, Nephil Matangi Maskay, IPP Ashwini, AG Siba, Jacky Buk, Sheela Rana, Bhuban, Secretary Bhanu and Sergeant at Arms Narayan (right) Nephil Matangi Maskay, Jacky Buk, President N.K. Rai (sitting down), Sheela Rana and Bhuban Bajra Bajracharya

The joint matching grant project to install a micro hydro-electric unit, a solar panel and a biodigester unit for two schools together with a medical centre and associated refurbishments in Gurje (20 miles north of Kathmandu), has been submitted to Rotary Foundation. The contribution of the two Clubs is $3,967 each, and the project total is $23,811. The difference of $5,880 is to be made up of District grants and $9,897 from Rotary Foundation. The project will be managed locally by the Rotary Club of Charumati who have set up a joint management team with Umbrella Organisation Nepal who run the operations.

Charumatid club members

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New team takes over

Roger Sawyers takes command

Outgoing President Richard Hands passed on his chain of office to the new President Roger Sawyers on 24 June 2008 while members of the Rotary Club of Cuckfield & Lindfield looked back on another busy and enjoyable Rotary year.

The encouragement and support of the residents of Cuckfield and Lindfield have enabled the Club to raise some £20,000 during the past year. Much of this money has been designated to assist local charity work at St Peter & St James Hospice and at the Chestnut Tree Children’s Hospice, and through Rotary’s own international charity, the Rotary Foundation, the Club has sent aid to many who suffer as a consequence of natural disasters around the world.

July 1st marks the start of a new Rotary year and it is the twofold aim of President Roger Sawyers that every Rotarian should enjoy all that membership of the Club can offer, and that everyone in the local community should be aware that the Cuckfield & Lindfield Rotary Club is second to none in its enthusiasm and determination to pursue the prime objective of Rotary – that of putting Service above Self.

With these objectives in mind, President Roger and members of his Club Council outlined ambitious plans for the coming year that include working with young people in various youth opportunity schemes, numerous community service projects, working with overseas partners to facilitate international aid schemes, and a variety of imaginative charity fund-raising activities

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Ladies' Day

Ladies who chatDown to businessChaps in hats
Toffs from Horsted KeynesThe really important peopleAnd music too

Undoubtedly a highlight of the year, the Ladies' Day garden party in the grounds of Birchen House Haywards Heath took place on a fine sunny Tuesday afternoon, 29 July.


The barbecue was masterminded by Deputy Head Gardener of Birchen House and chef extraordinaire Cameron Sharp with able assistance from Brian Davey. The food was a treat, and it is believed drinks were also served. And there was music ... what could you ask for more?

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Alex was there tooMost of the intrepid walkersThe Webmaster takes a breakRoger takes a swig

£40,000 was raised for four Sussex Hospices by the 2008 Hike 4 Hospices – St Barnabas Worthing, St Wilfrid’s Chichester, The Martlets Hove, and St Peter & St James North Chailey – along the South Downs Way between Lewes and Goodwood.

Six Club members did the 5-mile stretch from Devils Dyke to St Botolph's on Saturday 16th August.


Hike 4 Hospices 2008

A leading light – not to say a driving force – in the organisation of the Hike 4 Hospices walk was our own member Chris Kinnear who apart from all the other support he gave, acted a Treasurer for the whole event


The dates for the 2009 walk along the South Downs Way from Lewes to Goodwood to raise money for our four supported hospices are August 22nd and 23rd.

Alex Mackenzie got missed out of the group photoshot for some reason but he was there, did walk, and wore his gold medal with pride to prove it

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Karlstadt-Arnstein weekend

Visiting Portsmouth's Spinnaker

Rotary International friendship and service were the themes of the visit by the Karlstadt-Arnstein Club to Cuckfield & Lindfield early in October. 22 German guests arrived on Thursday 2nd and spent the next day in Portsmouth, visiting the Victory, enjoying a bracing boat trip round the harbour and marvelling at the view from the Spinnaker Tower.

Saturday evening was Grand Gala Night at Age Concern Hall. Entertainment was provided by members with a mini-opera, followed by a battle of songs between the German and English clubs. The weekend finished with autumn colours at High Beeches Gardens and lunch in the tearooms.

The two clubs have joined with the Rotary Club of Charumati in Nepal to carry out a £14,000 project to install a hydro-electric generator and bio-digester gas generator for a school for war orphans.

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Grand Auction of Promises

In one evening at the King Edwards Hall in Lindfield late in November
the Club raised over £5,800 for the Sussex Air Ambulance Service
and other Rotary charities

The tables are fullSimon Cartwright calls the shotsContemplating the next bid

Because of the lighting in the hall (any excuse will do), these pictures don't reflect the sparkling nature of the evening's entertainment and enjoyment. Just over a hundred members and guests enjoyed a fine supper produced by Carole & Cameron Sharp and Brian Davey. There were some great items on offer and auctioneer Simon Cartwright kept the show moving at a smart pace, never short of a new idea or wheeze to encourage punters to give generously. And they did. A thoroughly successful evening on all counts.

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Past Presidents' Lunch 2008

Buckles & GratwicksAt lunchNot talking: Winkie & Cameron
The District Chairman and neighboursAlex (in charge) gets first go at the puddingPaul & Gill Harris about to say farewell

The fifth annual Past Presidents' lunch was held on 23 November at The Old School Cuckfield. Alex Mackenzie did the honours this year and Lulu provided an excellent lunch once again. Apart from Alex's words of welcome there were no speeches as such, although a number of past presidents managed to rise to their feet occasionally to propose some toast or other. It got quite confusing at times. Two impending events were marked however – Ken Walker's forthcoming 80th birthday and Gill & Paul Harris's move shortly to live in the west country. And specially mentioned in despatches was District 25 Chairman Valerie Clapp.

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The Cuckfield & Lindfield tree

Christmas Tree Festival

Cuckfield & Lindfield's Rotary and Inner Wheel clubs jointly decorated a tree at this year's Christmas Tree Festival in Holy Trinity Church Cuckfield. Sue Landauer, Doreen Walker and Bill Cormie did the honours.

This was the sixth Christmas Tree Festival at the church and well over 60 local groups and organisations took part, raising valuable funds for St Peter & St James Hospice and other local charities.

The Cuckfield & Lindfield tree

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