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Barry Reed

The Rotary Club of
Cuckfield & Lindfield

David Wilson (Cuckfield)

Highlights from the

Year 2014

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Hounds for Heroes | Portsmouth outing | Musical evening | Tea party | Polio eradication | Woodside community centre | Shelter boxes | Haiti appeal | New Mayor


Silent Film evening raises £1500
for Woodlands Meed School

Getting ready for the big show


(left) David Butcher's Foundation Committee ran another successful 100-seat sell-out silent film show evening (with supper, and for the seventh time) at Queen's Hall Cuckfield with the Buster Keaton 1927 masterpiece The General.
(pictured left) some of the members and guests settling down to watch the film.

Woodlands Meed opened in September 2012 as a new Foundation Special School for Mid Sussex. The new school was formed through amalgamating two previous special schools, Court Meadow and Newick House School. The Club has been giving Court Meadow school support regularly – both financial and with manpower – since at least 1993.

(right) At the Club meeting on 1 April, Dr Janet While presented the David Jenkins Medal to Dominic Buglass. The medal is given in memory of former member the late Dr Jenkins and Dominic was sponsored as the Club's RYLA participant last year.

David Jenkins Medal

The award presentation



Celebrity Darts Marathon

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Natasha Kaplinsky was the star of the match, although her team narrowly lost to that led by her husband, Justin Bower. “We should have thrown faster in the first half,” her team remarked. The scores were Team Justin 14,671 points, Team Natasha 14,296 points – a close thing.

The main winners were the two charities: St Peter & St James Hospice and Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice. Representatives from the charities conducted a collection around the spectators in the Inn on the Green at Scaynes Hill where the event was held.

Lovely surprise!

The teams were sponsored by local businesses: Mansell McTaggart, Strawberry Finance, ODT Solicitors, PDP Electrical and St James Place. A total of £700 was raised for the charities. At the end of the evening, the winners were presented with a bottle of wine each and the losers got a bottle of beer.

A beautiful bouquet, donated by Denovo Flowers, was presented to a beaming Natasha who complimented the Rotary Club of Cuckfield & Lindfield on raising in excess of £100,000 with the Darts Marathon over the last 10 years. Said Natasha, “It is wonderful to be able to help these very worthwhile causes while having such fun at the same time.”

They've had a good eveningRay gets a friendly wordSt Peter & St James representatives with Natasha

Justin Bower's team seem to have enjoyed it all

You're not going to believe this, Ray . . . .

St Peter & St James representatives with Natasha

Justin's teamShe doesn't believe you, John

Justin's team shows some style

Pull the other one, John . . . .

A bouquet for the star of our showThe Natasha 2 team

Some nice words from Natasha to close the evening

Just admire the quality of Natasha's team

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Waiting for the first ferry

Club members visit the
SS Great Britain
in Bristol docks

Flushed with the success of his birthday trip to the National Railway Museum at York last year, John Davey led another Club outing this year – this time to see the SS Great Britain in dock at Bristol.

Pictured left, the group huddles somewhat damply during one of the midday showers whilst waiting for the first of three ferries to get the party from the centre of town to the ship. After lunch at The Cottage Inn, the rest of the afternoon was happily spent going over the fine old vessel on a self-guided basis.

SuperstructureUnder the keel

The great ship dressed overall

Lots to see around the bow area

Mighty propellorA stern viewLuggage ready to go

By the huge propellor

A view of the stern

Luggage lined up to go

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The President welcomes Kirsty

The Club welcomes
the new member

On 3 June at the Bent Arms, President Barry Reed inducted new member Kirsty Perryman-Best and Club members welcomed her warmly with a suitable toast.

Kirsty acknowledges the members' welcome

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Darts Marathon presentation evening

The winners & presenters

NEARLY A HALF MILLION points (actually 449,283) were scored by the 26 teams who played in this year’s DARTS MARATHON. The champions were MEN – Ansty Sports & Social Club 31,022 points; WOMEN – Horsted Keynes Stoolball Club 25,612 points; MIXED – Ansty Sports & Social Club 29,712 points; and the HIGHEST SPONSORSHIP raised was by Barclays Spread Eagles, £2005.

The highlight of this year’s competition was the Celebrity Darts Marathon where Natsha Kaplinsky’s team challenged that led by her husband, Justin Bower. The venues used were pubs and clubs around the district, but the Club would especially like to thank the Bent Arms, Lindfield and The Crown, Newick for sponsoring prizes, and the Horsted Club for hosting the Presentation Evening.

Many of the teams were represented there to receive their certificates and to cheer the winners, who each received a cheque for £100. The total amount raised by sponsorship and the programme was £12,640. Many of the sponsors gift-aided their donations which could bring in another £2,000.

On the night the Club presented two cheques for £4,000 to representatives from St Peter & St James Hospice and Chestnut House Children’s Hospice. The remainder of the proceeds were retained in the Club’s charity account to be used for other deserving causes as they arise. It should be noted that 100% of money raised by the Club is redistributed. Recently supported are the Air Ambulance, the new Cancer Centre at Brighton Hospital, the Somerset Levels Flooding and Shelter Boxes for international disasters.

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Dictionaries for Life

Letters from Blackthorns' pupils

letter no. 2

17 July 2014 — This week in July saw the last of the Rotary Dictionaries presented to the six local junior schools. In all, 200 dictionaries were delivered to a variety of 10 to 11 year old pupils in either their last or penultimate year before going on to secondary education.

At Blackthorns there were 35 pupils in year 5 for dictionaries, some of whom were also part of the Rotary Reading classes. At a tea-time event for all those who helped Blackthorns this year, letters from year 5 were given to the Club to say thank you for the dictionaries and for the reading. All the letters were interesting, charming in their simple open descriptions and reflect well on the various writers. A few of them are reproduced in this document.

letter no. 3
English Dictionary

John Davey writes . . .

No-one seriously believes that the hundreds of books that we present each year as a gift to Primary school children in our area will live up to their title and last a lifetime, but perhaps such an expectation would be, in any case, a misinterpretation of the name ‘Dictionary 4 Life’?

I much prefer to think that this project has an aim in common with all the other New Generation Rotary projects – to provide ways whereby young lives can be better prepared to take their place as useful and responsible members of adult society.

Read the full article by John Davey which appeared in the February 2012 edition of the Club Gazette and updated by Chris Jupp, July 2014. . .

Inside cover of dictionary

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Endal's story

The story of Endal

The charity Hounds for Heroes provides specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK Armed Forces and Civilian Emergency Services.

Allen Parton, author of the marvellous story of Allen's remarkable experiences with his ever-faithful companion Endal, kept listeners spellbound when he talked to Club members and their partners at the Lindfield Golf Club on 29 July.

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On parade in Pompey

Just relaxingHMS WarriorNorman getting in on the act, as usual
Artist's impression

Once again an intrepid band of Club Rotarians roved the country to inspect the heritage of the nation, when on 15 October John Davey led his party to the dockyard at Portsmouth harbour.

Main attraction was the new Mary Rose exhibition building with its impressive collection of marine artefacts on display alongside the huge and magnificent old vessel.

Also visited during the day was the famous HMS Victory; also HMS Alliance, the only remaining World War II submarine. Another attraction was HMS Warrior, built in 1860, the world's first iron-hulled armoured warship.

Another great day out.

The Victory Bow

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Music for everyone

Club members and guests enjoyed a kaleidoscope of musical entertainment at a charity concert in Wivelsfield Village Hall on 17 October, masterminded by Ray Major.

First on was the Singout choir from St Augustine's Primary School in Scaynes Hill (pictured right and below)

More than £1,400 was raised during the evening for local and Rotary International charities.

There's no business like . . .
I see no ships

Other entertainers during the evening included Fiona Hunnisett, Franz Hepburn and accompanist Corin Roberts.

Ol' Man RiverFiona singsTinkling the ivories

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Tea at Woodlands Meed College


The proceeds for last year’s Silent Film Night went to Woodlands Meed School to fund several sculptures. They represent stylised trees and are located at the college entrance and in the reception area. In the photo on the right, former club member Brian Davey appears with Gillian Perry, Head of College, sculpter Alun Heslop and two pupils. The event was a small tea party, attended by David Butcher as Chairman of the Foundation committee which organised the Silent Film Night. Scrummy cakes were all made by pupils with severe and multiple learning difficulties, aged 14 to 18 years.

Woodlands Meed

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The fight against polio

POLIO has been slashed from 350,000 cases in 1985 to just 149 cases this year. More than 10 million people are today walking who would otherwise have been paralysed by the disease, and over 1.5 million childhood deaths have been prevented. The remaining cases are located where there are political problems, notably Pakistan and Cameroon. Nigeria is becoming a success story with only 6 cases so far compared with 43 last year.

Dr Bruce Aylward

Dr Bruce Aylsford (left), Head of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative for the WHO, thanked RI saying, “This is truly Rotary’s programme which could not have been started or sustained to such a degree without Rotarians around the world.”
After nearly 20 years of hard effort, raising an enormous amount of money and organising vaccination campaigns, it is difficult not to become a bit weary with it all. But we mustn’t give up until the disease is 100% eradicated once and for all, otherwise in ten years time it will be back to 200,000 children a year being paralysed by it.


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Woodside: Help for Bolnore village community centre


The Club agreed to donate £500 for an item of kitchen equipment for the Bolnore village ccommunity centre. The Woodside will be the main community building for Bolnore, a village of over 2,000 people with no pub, cafe, church hall, scout hut or other facilities. It is run by the community for the community. Having waited 12 years for a flexible venue in which to organise events, celebrations, meetings, classes, sports matches and a range of other activities, the new community building, designed by London-based Milan Babic Architects, will start to become the epicentre of village life when it opens in September 2014. We donated £500 which was used to purchase a 42” television set.

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Cuckfield & Lindfield supports Shelterbox appeal

Shelterbox have provided a summary of their operations in response to the November 2013 Philippines typhoon. Their appeal raised £4.4 million from the UK and all affiliates.
They delivered 1513 Shelterboxes, together with over 5000 tents, water filtration systems, solar lights, mosquito nets, tool kits, cooking stoves, and Schoolboxes. Since November 2013 they have delivered disaster aid to a further 14 countries.

Shelter box tents

“What’s a Shelterbox?” It was a small charity started in Helston, Cornwall in 2000. The RC of Helston-Lizard adopted it for their Millenium project and did a great job of publicising it to RCs in the UK. The first consignment of 143 boxes was sent to Gujerat, India in January 2001. The charity grew dramatically, particularly due to the 2004 Tsunami and in 2005 it shipped 22,000 boxes. In total, to date they have delivered aid to 230 disasters in 90 different countries. They always endeavour to deliver ShelterBox aid in the most effective way possible. This can be by road, sea, air or a mix of all three. ShelterBoxes are packed and dispatched from their headquarters in Cornwall, UK. They have stocks of boxes stored in strategic locations across the globe including Dubai, Singapore, Panama and Curacao to enable a rapid response.

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Hope House, Haiti

The 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti, killed over 200,000 people, and over a million people were left homeless.

A Haitian couple, who are known to a family in Bolney, took in a number of displaced children, and those who could not be reunited with relatives are cared for by them. They are attempting to provide basic education, as well as a home for them, and have subsequently started a school for local children, in a country which still appears to be totally dependent on outside aid.

Shelter box, Phillipines

Hope House is an accredited charity in Haiti and has been adopted by the Primary School and community in Bolney. They have set up a charity to provide funding, professional support, advice, and practical help. This has been registered with HMRC and is awaiting Charity Commission approval. In addition to running local fund-raising events for Haiti, they have organised collections of basics, such as underwear, school uniforms and equipment, and have found circuitous routes to deliver it.

We had a very useful meeting with the two ladies who are organising the Bolney effort, and will be strongly recommending that we support them. Together with six others, including a doctor, they are again travelling to Haiti in January, both to provide practical help (particularly setting up basic medical records for all the children), and to assess what ongoing assistance can be provided from here.

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Sue Landauer

Toasting the new Mayor of Cuckfield

More than 2,000 spectators lined the streets of Cuckfield as the Mayor's procession snaked its way from Warden Park School to the village centre on 18 October. Chris Kinnear's red sports car was a colourful entry in the line-up, proclaiming on behalf of the Club "Having fun while doing good."

Inner Wheel too was well represented (Sue Landauer carried the banner (left).

Toasting the new Mayor

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