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President 2000/01 Ken Walker

The Rotary Club of
Cuckfield & Lindfield

The Year 2001

President Cameron Sharp

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Easter Saturday 2001 Racing at Plumpton

in aid of St Peter & St James Home & Hospice

Trevor Clapp gets stuck in Peter Negus with some key team players A thorn between two roses Trevor Clapp gets stuck in
The Stevensons confer; should they ring a friend? The President leads from the front Peter Negus with some key team players Webmaster rests on his laurels Peter Allen doing what he does best
A thorn between two roses David Butcher hides Patricia's light under a bushel They're coming round the bend now Any chance of seconds? Has Mike Kirk got a winner here? Who knows?
Was he concentrating on the job here or is he just a poser? A tie for second place? Norman England surveys the field for likely customersPeter Negus and his tellers count the latest bucketful

The Club has been sponsoring races and raising funds for its charities every year since 1993 (at the Easter Saturday meeting, except in 1994 when it was on the August bank holiday ). Heavy rain forced the cancellation of the 1998 fixture but even then we raised a considerable amount for good causes.


2001 was another good year for us at Plumpton. Thanks to generous help from our sponsors, donations, a very successful raffle and collections from members of the public, we raised over £4,000 for the St Peter and St James Home & Hospice at Wivelsfield Green.

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Some of the Haywards Heath party lounging


Members of Cuckfield & Lindfield and Haywards Heath meet up at Bournemouth for the RIBI Conference in April 2001

All together for dinner Ken Walker and Cameron Sharp disturb the peace

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The Book Fair 2001

Saturday 5 May at King Edward Hall Lindfield

Book Fair under way

The search is on

Bouncers ready for action

Cashiers at the ready

Presidents smile for the camera

Presidents compare notes

Ladies in waiting

The ladies prepare refreshments

Who's flashing that camera?!!

Ian Masters pauses for breath

Counting the cost

Trevor Clapp tots it all up

Our fourth and most successful Book Fair yet, with the proceeds again over £2,000 and up on last year's previous best figure — and there are still nearly enough books left to run another one next year. Proceeds this time for the St Peter & St James Home & Hospice and the Headway Hurstwood Trust.

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Charter Anniversary 2001

Pre-dinner snifters DG hangs on to every word Top table guests
Guests enjoying a drink and a chat
before the official proceedings
Of course, this is only a personal point
of view, Mr District Governor ....
Top table guests get
to know one another

Charter Anniversary Dinner

at Wickwoods Country Club Albourne

Saturday 24 March 2001

DG Tony Powell
Assorted guests wait patiently
for the action to begin

District Governor Tony Powell
proposes the toast to the Club
President Ken Walker President of Haywards Heath Five beers, sharp
President Ken Walker
addresses the assembled throng
President Alan Jenkins of the Haywards
Heath club responds for the guests
There's always one, isn't there?
Top table guests That looks like Derek Hopkins in the front
The President of the
Inner Wheel Club of Cuckfield & Lindfield
and other distinguished guests
The Hopkinses, the Hancocks,
the Boskers and the Kirks
Another happy group Kinnears well to the fore
The Branns, the Harrises,
the Robbs and the Wykeses
The Buckles, the Horsted Keynes Wilsons,
the Marslands and the Kinnears

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The Club's President: Cameron Sharp leads Cuckfield & Lindfield in 2001/02

The Presidential Handover

Cameron Sharp took over from Ken Walker as 18th President of the Club on 1 July 2001. Born in Treorchy in the Rhondda Valley, and a resident of Haywards Heath for the past 13 years, Cameron recently retired as Credit Operational & Market Risk Director of Lloyds TSB Bank. A man of wide and varied outside interests, Cameron particularly enjoys a round of golf in his spare time. He joined the Club in 1991 and is married to Carole, who was President of the Inner Wheel Club of Cuckfield & Lindfield in 1998.

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First presentation in 2001

President Ken Walker presents a cheque to Ray Mayhew, Group Treasurer of the National Osteoporosis Society, to provide the scanning service at the Princess Royal Hospital for another twelve months. The money was collected in Cuckfield and Lindfield at Christmas. Also pictured (left) Dr Trevor Wheatley, Osteoporosis consultant, and (right) David Brann

Presentation to NOS Treasurer

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Third Grand Darts Marathon

£2,500 raised this year: Presentations at the Bull Inn Newick

This year's winners: The Coach & Horses at Danehill

President Ken Walker with the prize winners PP Derek Hopkins & prize winners Presentation at Headway

President Ken Walker with the prize winners at the presentation evening on the conclusion of the event, which this year raised £2,500 for Headway Hurstwood Park at Newick

Past President Derek Hopkins presents the prize he donated to the Royal British Legion Club of Ardingly ladies' team for the highest number of points scored during a competition in one hour

Immediate Past President Ken Walker presents a cheque for £3,000 to Ann Cummings, Chairman, and some of the clients at Headway Hurstwood Park at Newick on 10 July 2001

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Kids Out Day 2001 at Chessington World of Adventures

A fun day for children from Court Meadow and Newick Infants schools

The fun gets under way Brian Hay seems to be in charge Flaked out

Cuckfield & Lindfield members join other Rotarians from clubs throughout the south of England on 13 June 2001 to take local disabled children out for a day of fun and excitement

Brian Hay and Alex Mackenzie with their charges take a break for lunch and momentarily relax in a quiet corner of the World of Adventures at Chessington

Meanwhile David Wilson's had too much excitement, lunch, red wine — or all three. Still, he looks contented, so that's another success for Kids Out Day

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Other highlights of another busy year for Club members

The New Zealand GSE team En route for the City Barbecue at Park Farm
Presentation to St Peter & St James

Presentation of a cheque for £5,000 by President Ken Walker to Mrs Carole Anne Slater of St Peter & St James Home & Hospice at Wivelsfield Green

RI Web Site Award

RI Technology Task Force Award certificate presented to the Cuckfield & Lindfield club at the San Antonio Convention 2001 to recognise "outstanding club web sites"

With Ted Todd

Award presented by Ted Todd, Chairman of the RI President's Technology Task Force to spearhead use of the Internet and web site development for the promotion of Rotary globally

Malcolm Wykes & Jack Schumann

With another award winner, Jack Schumann of the Tucson Arizona club — buddies after meeting at the Tucson home hospitality evening the day before the Technology Awards ceremony

For more about the
International Convention 2001
at San Antonio, visit Frank Devlyn's pages, and for a mention of Cuckfield & Lindfield click on
Award Winners
or go straight here

RI President & others

RI President Frank Devlyn with Webmaster Harriet Schloer, flanked by current and immediate past ROTI Chairmen, at a meeting of Rotarians on the Internet

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More events in 2001

Ladies' Evening 31 July 2001 DG Trevor Powell on the top table The DG talks to Club members at the Bent Arms

Left: Members and wives enjoy the first Ladies' Evening of the new Rotary year at Paxhill Park Lindfield

The visit of the District Governor to the Bent Arms in November 2001

District Governor Trevor Powell gives his message to the Cuckfield & Lindfield troops

The President invites the speaker to jump out of the window

Left: President Cameron Sharp sets the tone at the Club's Christmas supper at the Bent Arms

Right: The audience seems to be enjoying it all; was it the stories or the wine?

Geoffrey Sear in stitches
Auctoneer John Davey scooping the pool Punters agog

November 2001: Race Night in full swing

Tombola corner

The Club held another successful Race Night, this time at Warden Park School in Cuckfield.
Well over £2,000 was raised for Headway Hurstwood Park in the process.

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A Ramble round Lewes

John Davey's guided tour
of some of Lewes's famous pubs

Conversation piece in one of the pubs visited by members during their Lewes ramble
Norman England isn't quite sure whether to believe this one Look at me when I'm talking to you! The President downs it in one
Paul Harris enjoys a drink with Paul Harris David Butcher proposes a toast


Miles Janner tells the story of Harvey's

Club members strayed from the Bent Arms on 25 September and tried a few beers in The Crown, The Lamb, The Lewes Arms and The Royal Oak, before repairing with only the merest hint of unsteadiness to The White Hart (an inn since 1717) for supper

After a buffet supper in the Sheriff's Room upstairs and another drink or two, Miles Janner — Master Brewer and joint Managing Director of Harvey's Brewery — entertained members with some of the highlights of the Lewes brewery's long history in the town

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French and German link clubs meet up for the first time — in Sussex

Lunch at Monty's in Eton

For the first time we entertained visitors from both our link clubs in France and Germany during the last weekend in September

Lunch during visit to Windsor & Eton

Our German friends from Karlstadt-Arnstein arrived on Friday afternoon and enjoyed a splendid barbecue at Liz and Alan Robinson's in the evening

On Saturday we were joined by the French contingent from Laval Ambroise Paré and we all spent the morning on a tour of Windsor Castle, followed by lunch in Monty's Restaurant in Eton, and after that a look round some of the attractions of Windsor and Eton. In the evening we had dinner at the Birch Hotel in Haywards Heath

Monty's Restaurant in Eton
Laval Ambroise Paré President Simon Fonlupt Aperitifs at the Birch Hotel

We toured Wakehurst Place at Ardingly on Sunday morning and the visit ended with lunch at the Ravenswood Country Inn at Sharpthorne. Here are a few pictures taken at the dinner on Saturday evening

Karlstadt-Arnstein President Achim Schreck
Presentation of a gift from Karlstadt-Arnstein to Cuckfield & Lindfield President of Karlstadt-Arnstein Achim Schreck Laval Ambroise Paré banner presented to Karlstadt-Arnstein
Enjoying dinner at the Birch Another shot of the Birch dinner party

Bonus Picture!

Sunday 30 September was also a day for joint celebations when it was discovered that President Cameron Sharp and Past President Willibald Niklaus shared the same birthday

Any excuse to open another bottle of bubbly ....

Birthday celebrations

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How do we enjoy our Rotary in
Cuckfield & Lindfield?

This report takes us back a few years now but it gives an insight perhaps into the way the Club has operated
(and mostly continues to do so)

A look at just one Rotary Year: 2000/01

Fund Raising & Giving

The Club donated £1,200 to the National Osteoporosis Society to enable the continued use of the mobile scanner operating locally. Most of this sum was raised during the Christmas street collections in Cuckfield and Lindfield, supplemented by the sale of Christmas trees supplied by one of our members.

A donation of £500 was made to CHASE (the Brighton-based children's hospice at Loseley Park) from the proceeds of a collection by members at one of Brighton & Hove FC's home matches.

Two aqua boxes funded by the Club were sent to San Salvador and to Gujerat to help with relief operations in those devastated areas.

A charity concert organised by members and held at Clair Hall in Haywards Heath raised £1,150 for the St Peter & St James Home & Hospice at Wivelsfield, Headway Hurstwood Park at Newick and the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

All eyes on the field

The Club's major event of the Rotary year was held at the race meeting at Plumpton on Easter Saturday. A total of £4,400 was raised from race sponsorship, a raffle and a public collection at the end of the meeting. This sum is to be donated to the St Peter & St James Home & Hospice.

The annual Book Fair in King Edward's Hall Lindfield at the beginning of May was another successful event and raised £2,000 for Headway Hurstwood Park and other charities.

Members ran a coconut shy at the Cuckfield Fair in May and again on Lindfield Village Day in June. This only raises a bit of money but adds to the variety and attraction of these popular local events.

Finally we completed another grand Darts Marathon competition run by members in local pubs and clubs, making over £2,500 for our selected charities. The winners attended a prize-giving event in June at the Bull Inn, Newick.

Practical Help Locally

A number of members regularly provided weekly transport for elderly people attending the Lindfield Autumn Club, and transport was also provided to bring some disabled people home from a holiday in Hayling Island.

A Lindfield family suffering hard times and ill-health was given special help at a time of crisis.

Members carried out painting and decorating work in rooms at The Yews in Haywards Heath.

One of our members gave help to patients in the woodwork shop at Headway Hurstwood Park, where members were also refurbishing the garden shed. Another member sat on a lay panel at Princess Royal Hospital overseeing the work of patients who are mentally ill.

Members organised a local Youth Speaks competition as part of a national event for students at schools and colleges. Six teams took part and one from Oathall Community College in Haywards Heath went on to the Southern Area Final at Lancing College, where it performed well (but did not win).

Some of the Kids Out party

In June members took part in the annual Kids Out Day, when disabled and handicapped children from Court Meadow School in Cuckfield and the Infants' School at Newick were taken out for the day to the Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey.

Further afield, six members volunteered to serve as technical advisers overseas on short term projects under the British Executive Service Overseas scheme operated in conjunction with RIBI (Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland).

The Social Scene

A group of members and wives went to Germany as guests of the link club Karlstadt-Arnstein in July for the 800th town charter anniversary celebrations.

A party of members and wives enjoyed a few days' holiday break in the Isle of Wight last October, walking, painting and playing golf. Another group went to the District 1250 Conference at Bournemouth in November. Some members attended the RIBI Conference at Bournemouth in April, and one member attended the International Convention in San Antonio, Texas, in June.

The monthly President's Walks (apart from a brief interruption through the recent foot and mouth epidemic) and the Supper Club meetings both survived to complete a seventh consecutive year of Club activity.

Ladies Evening 31 July 2001

Other social events during the year included a barbecue in July, a couple of Ladies' Nights in the autumn, the President's Christmas Drinks, and the annual Charter Anniversary Dinner in March.

And There's More

We had a succession of good and interesting speakers at our regular weekly meetings. In June, Club members hosted and entertained for a few days a Group Study Exchange team of four farmers from District 9930 in North Island, New Zealand. Several members took part in District 1250 sports competitions, and one pair won the Bridge cup. One member photographed all the hundreds of club banners (many rarely seen) so that they are all now available for inspection in one handy volume. Another member designed and constructed a Club web site, which shortly afterwards won a special recognition award at the Rotary International Convention.

Another good year!

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