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President 2001/02 Cameron Sharp

The Rotary Club of
Cuckfield & Lindfield

Year 2002

President 2002/03 Trevor Clapp

New President | Group Study leaders | Racing at Plumpton | Presidents' Walks | Pizza Express
RI Convention | Exchage visit to Trier | Harveys Brewery visit | 2002 District Conference

The Charter Night Anniversary Dinner was held at the White Hart Hotel in Lewes on 23 March 2002

Top table guests all set Presidents Cameron Sharp and Carol Davey
Presidents of the Rotary Club and of the Inner Wheel Club of Cuckfield & Lindfield at the Charter Anniversary Dinner on 23 March 2002
A cheque for Ian Swales
A bouquet for Janet Swales

Assistant District Governor Ian Swales, accompanied by his wife Janet, represented District Governor Trevor Powell and proposed the toast to the Club.
President Carol Davey of the Inner Wheel Club of Cuckfield & Lindfield responded to the toast the the Guests.
President Cameron Sharp presented a cheque for £1,000 to Ian Swales as a special contribution to Rotary Foundation.
Musical entertainment was provided between courses by local singer Alexandria Baldock (seen right receiving a bouquet from David Wilson)

A bouquet for the entertainer

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Cameron Sharp hands over to Trevor Clapp
Immediate Past President Cameron Sharp
hands over to President Trevor Clapp at the
Bent Arms Lindfield on Tuesday 2 July 2002

President Cameron Sharp
installs Trevor Clapp
as his successor

DG Jack Bennett address the Club
The District Governor's visit — Jack Bennett
addresses Club members at the Bent Arms (23 July 2002)

President Trevor Clapp
hsots Garden Party

First social event of the new Rotary year was the President's garden party at the home of Valerie and President Trevor Clapp on 27 July 2002

The President's table
Above (and where else?) — the guests congregating for pre-lunch drinks, and right — VIPs enjoying lunch in the presidential gazebo
President's garden party

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John Davey to lead
District GSE team

Congratulations to Past President John Davey (right) who has been selected to lead the next District 1250 Group Study Exchange team to District 9500 in South Australia next March (2003). Two other Club members have led District GSE teams overseas — Jon Martin (left) to District 4510 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1994, and Alan Hancock (centre) to District 6670 in Ohio, USA, in 1999
The Club is also sponsoring one of the GSE team members, Stuart Magowan, a local civil engineer

Jon Martin Alan Hancock John Davey

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Racing at Plumpton

The pre-racing picnic lunch

Easter Saturday: going good to firm in places

(left): The picnic party about to get down to some serious racing

(right): A couple of bookie's runners by the look of it

Chris Kinnear and Peter Allen
President Cameron Sharp presents At the parade ring Norman England and Maureen
President Cameron Sharp makes a post-race presentation
The Robinsons looking for a likely winner in the parade ring
Norman England and Maureen escape the crowd for a moment

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The President's Walk

A select group pausing for a photo opportunity En route by the Bolney lake More chips, Vicar?
Club members and wives (and dogs) enjoy a country walk one Sunday morning every month. Here's the advance party at a strategic bridge crossing on 7 April
All the party together for once as they assemble momentarily by the Bolney lake (apart from Paul Harris on camera duty and several elusive dogs)
It's customary after the walk to fall into the nearest pub for drinks, sandwiches and chips (very important after a hard walk)

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Chris Kinnear gets ready

The Pizza Express Experience

Our Vocational outside visit on 9 April took us to the Pizza Express restaurant in Crawley where Chris Kinnear and the local team gave us a backstage look into the pizza and bakery industries

(top left) Chris Kinnear sorts out the ingredients to get the show on the road

(bottom right) No, the pizza hasn't actually stuck to the ceiling but it's pretty close

(bottom left) Here's one I made earlier

(top right) After the demonstration members enjoy Chris's handiwork with their own choice of dream toppings

Enjoying the result
Tucking in Don't try this at home

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International Convention

Cuckfield & Lindfield was well represented at the Convention in Barcelona in June when President
Cameron Sharp was accompanied by Malcolm Wykes, together with Carole and Barbara

On the buses in Barcelona Writing home Now Frank's on line as well
Carole and Cameron Sharp together with Barbara Wykes do the open top bus tour of the city
Meanwhile Malcolm Wykes in the House of Friendship Internet café sends a greeting back to the Club in Cuckfield & Lindfield
You meet all the best people on line: here's Immediate Past Rotary International President Frank Devlin on a similar mission

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The 2002 Exchange Visit to Trier and the Mosel country

Some of the weekend's highlights pictured by Karlstadt-Arnstein Past President Achim Schreck

Awaiting the visitors from England Barry Reed tells Herbert Gumpp how it is A bus load of tourists
A view over the bridge Valerie & Trevor Clapp move on Demonstration at a bell foundry
In the cellar Castle on the Mosel Aiuf Wiedersehen

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This is Vocational Rotary: a Visit to Harvey's Brewery in Lewes

I'm going to enjoy this Surveying the mash tun Now for a real sample

The October Vocational Service meeting was held in Harvey's Brewery in Lewes, with a guided tour by Managing Director and Head Brewer Miles Jenner, followed by supper in the John Harvey pub across the road. A successful evening, of that there is no doubt.

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District 2002 Conference at Bournemouth

Cameron Sharp to snap next Drinks with the President He's there again, every time

A party of 22 members and wives attended the Conference towards the end of October 2002.
It wasn't just eating and drinking, but you'd never guess from these pictures.
At other times we attended the formal sessions in the Pavilion Theatre,
and some of the ladies gave the Bournemouth shops a going-over.

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